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The Universal Wisdom Practices

These practices derive from ancient esoteric Tibetan wisdom, passed down for many generations through direct transmission. Yuan Miao received this lineage from her enlightened Tibetan grandmother and Miao has transmitted the practices to me, with the request that I teach them to all who might benefit.

The integrated practice of visualization, breathwork, movement, mudras, mantras, and meditation constitutes the core of these practices.

Mudras, Mantras & Colors

Each of the traditional Tibetan mudra practices involves a:


Hand gesture, which works with acupuncture points related to different parts of the body.


The chanting of sacred sounds, which create specific healing vibrations.

Visualization of COLORS

Each set of colors possesses a harmonic vibration that works in conjunction with the mantra.

The beneficial effect comes from simultaneously holding the mudra, chanting the mantra, and visualizing the appropriate colors for a certain length of time.

Other Esoteric Practices

These powerful practices involve breath work, movement, meditation and visualization.

Accessing the Practices

The menu in the left column links to specific information about each practice. To fully attain the benefits of these practices, it is important that you receive personal instruction. Therefore, the links are available by password to class members only.

To receive further information, please send an email to Susan.

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