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Dancing on Rooftops with Dragons: The Yoga of Joy, by Yuan Miao

Yuan Miao grew up in Communist China with Buddhist grand-parents who were disgraced and destroyed for their beliefs. Somehow, she flourished in that place, becoming a famous producer of domentaries for the largest Chinese TV network. She had a handsome husband, a beautiful daughter, fame, success.

But Guanyin awaited her mystical awakening. Like something out of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" the mystical path proved steep and costly. All that Yuan Miao held dear disappeard before her eyes. But Guanyin had not deserted her, and her life took another turn, flooding her with with the widsom and joyful practice she passes on to all who pick up her book.

Part documentary and part guidebook for yoga practice, this is the remarkable story of one woman's journey of discovery. Once a renowned film-maker for China Central Television, through her own personal suffering Yuan Miao came to the realization of the preciousness and real power of joy. Through years of material success, religious awakening, intense personal loss and attempted suicide, she was awakened to the mystical possibilities around her, that manifested through her. Yuan Miao's system for the self-cultivation of joy, with all its healing power, stems from many years of practice and the Vajrayana Yoga teachings of her Tibetan Buddhist ancestors. This simple "Nine Step Yoga of Joy" is shared with her readers, so that they too may cultivate and nurture joy in their lives. Reading about her journey will forever change yours.

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