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Phoenix Rising Concert

Yuan Miao’s mystical mantric singing offers a unique journey into the heart. Miao draws from her spiritual training in ancient mantric vocal practices, learned from her Tibetan grandmother, Yeshe Tsuomu, herself a recognized spiritual master and daughter of a Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche. Every performance by Yuan Miao is spontaneous; at times powerful, at times serene, and always profoundly poignant.

Yuan Miao does not consider herself to be a spiritual teacher but rather a transmitter of joy. She is not a trained singer nor does she sing songs. The sublime sounds that spontaneously emerge from within her are, for the most part, of no known language, and yet they evoke our universal wellspring of wisdom and happiness.

Although her spiritual roots are in Tibetan Buddhism, Yuan Miao’s approach is not Buddhist, but universal, and embraces people of all faiths as well as those who are not religious. Many people, after hearing Yuan Miao’s vocal sounds, report life-changing transformative and healing experiences, and deep, physical, emotional and spiritual shifts. She offers these gifts to all in the hope of reminding people of the essential value of life and awakening within them the awareness of their infinite Inner Nature.

Many cultures from both East and West speak of the phoenix, the legendary bird that rises reborn from its own ashes. Like the phoenix, each human being is capable of transcending their personal suffering in order to experience boundless joy. This reservoir of pure joy exists within each one of us and constantly beckons us homeward.

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